Third Certainty Newsletter

Third Certainty Newsletter
Feb. 06, 2015

This week 3C examines the breathtaking breach of Anthem Inc., the nation’s second largest health insurance provider. The big takeaway: perhaps as many as 80 million victims whose Social Security numbers were taken are now exposed to the worse forms of identity theft – forever. There’s more. Read on.

Healthcare data targeted in Anthem hack

Healthcare data targeted in Anthem hack

By: Byron Acohido

Anthem Inc., the nation’s no. 2 health insurance company, disclosed Wednesday that hackers plundered all of its business units of personal data for tens of millions of its customers and employees. In an open letter posted online late Wednesday, Anthem president and CEO Joseph R. Swedish disclosed…


Banks say robocalls can boost security

The employee fear factor

By: Fahmida Rashid

When it comes to insider IT security threats, the biggest exposure companies face isn’t from vengeful or disgruntled employees. It’s from the inattentive ones. Some 80 percent of network data breaches are accidental, according to a recent customer survey conducted by endpoint security vendor CoSoSys…


Can auto insurance spying devices be trusted?

The fallacy of anonymity online

By: Bob Sullivan

The next time a company tells you that it wants your information, but “Don’t worry, it’s anonymized,” don’t believe it. A group of researchers from MIT proved this week that it can identify almost anyone using just four pieces of information in a supposedly anonymized database…


3-steps to lock down certificates and keys

Facebook super tracks Super Bowl fans

By: Jaikumar Vijayan

Facebook will take online tracking and ad targeting to another level when the Seattle Seahawks square off against the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl. The social media giant is tracking people posting status updates, comments, likes and dislikes about the game and putting…


Responsibility for online safety lies with you

When lack of integrity can pay off

By: Adam Levin

“Having two identities for yourself is an example of a lack of integrity,” Mark Zuckerberg proclaimed in The Facebook Effect. Easy for him to say. Facebook has made a mint on data integrity—your personal information yoked to likes and dislikes sold to the highest bidder. But…


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