Lead the Way to Cyber Safety

What does your doctor, your favorite restaurant, the college your child attends, the grocery where you shop, and your favorite big-box store all have in common with you? All are prime targets for cyberattacks. It's a concern that is constantly in the news, and may have already touched you personally. I know I've been directly affected. As careful as I am with my own personal...

What can Small and Medium Businesses Do to Protect Against Ubiquitous Cyberattacks?

Data protection
Click to Listen to cybersecurity expert, Daniel Minoli, Principal Consultant, DVI Communications, New York, NY Unfortunately a day does not go by at this juncture without all of us hearing of a new major security breach. For example, in 2014 about half-a-billion customer records were hacked in the U.S., and a billion records worldwide were compromised. Companies such as Ta...