Cybersecurity NJ

Because We All Need To Know About Cybersecurity.

For the 14th consecutive year, identity theft is the nations’ biggest threat for consumers, topping the annual rankings of filed complaints to the Federal Trade Commission. Our interactive panel will discuss emerging and everlasting cyber crimes, which industries are most at risk, and solutions for concerned business owners.

Cybersecurity not only focuses on protecting computers, programs, networks and data, but also establishes monitoring and resolution for businesses so that when an attack occurs, the business is prepared. Today the question is not if, but when an attack occurs because the reality is that it will happen.

We often comment that we would be lost without our GPS, cell phone, and other convenient and high tech devices. Unfortunately, this convenience is a double-edged sword bringing along with the positive aspects of technology, many inconvenient and sometimes devastating risks. In the business world, technology is essential, so along with the fundamental website, databanks, networks and confidential information, comes the responsibility of the employer to protect his assets and employees from cyber attacks.

Out unique half-day conferences will explore how advancements in technology have introduced a new era in which businesses must balance challenges to their privacy with convenience.

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